Bnha hawks x pregnant reader

She wanted to be a good hero. She wanted to get stronger, evolve into an icon of peace and heroism. When she was picked by a prestigious hero agency, one holding enormous names which were respected all over the country, she felt her hard work was finally rewarding.

It was the first step in a long stairway up to glory, but she had given the first step. She had daydreamed about the new daily life waiting for her. She was ready to proof she deserved her place, and make a name for herself.

However, there was something new popping in her dreams—a handsome face with wavy ash blond hair falling over his forehead and hooded, vibrant brown eyes staring straight at her before getting closer until he brushed his nose with hers and—.

In her sleep, the logical part of her consciousness had dragged her out of her dreams before her fantasies materialized. Her heart thumped, shaking her whole chest. She scanned the strange room, briefly forgetting she was in a different city, staying in a fancy hotel paid by her agency.

She removed her legs from inside the white shits, suddenly the room too hot. She hated her subconscious for insisting in bringing up to the surface her feelings.

Her useless feelings. Aside from her hero career, she also wanted to eventually develop a romantic relationship with someone, create a home of her own with the one she loved. However, she refused to let Hawks be that one person. And it had almost nothing to do with the two of them working in the same agency. His sweet gestures were later overshadowed by his constant unconscious flirting with others.

His need for the spotlight scared her away. Or so she told herself. After gulping down the bottle of water kindly left by the hotel staff on her nightstand, she went back to sleep. On the next morning, she was ready at the hour she was specified. She checked her costume one more time in the mirror of the room, nothing could be out of place or fit her weirdly.

It was in important day, her first Hero Congress. She was there to present herself, make some networking, and give yet another step into installing her name into the hero community.

She left her room once satisfied with her look, only to be welcomed by the warm voice that inhabited her sweetest nightmares. She turned her head, a soft frown already showing between her eyebrows.

He was resting on the wall next to his door.

Kawaiipon — Keigo Takami ღ Hawks & Tamaki Amajiki x Reader...

Of course, their agency would send their best prospect to the congress. Hakws was the number two hero right after Endeavor, some questioned his abilities, too young to be so good at the job, but whether they liked it or not, she included, he was one of the best… and he was the obvious choice to attend the event and introduce her.

A fact that only made her hate him more, because he was an example, an inspiration. She was a couple of years younger than him, meaning she still had the time to try to catch up to him, and she was planning on following his steps.

He approached her casually, delicately picking a strand of her hair. She almost huffed exasperated, taking a step back freeing the strand from his fingers. Because you look more beautiful today than usual. He chuckled amused, annoying her further. He shortly met her inside the elevator, standing by her side.

She pushed her bashfulness to aside, and raised her head proud. Honestly, she was anxious, worrying about messing up her first proper impression, but she had to fake it until she made it.

We haunt them down for dinner.Your footsteps clattered nimbly on the ground, drawing your attention to avoiding the cracks in the pavement. Noticing your peculiar movements, the man beside you laughed, then copied you. An undeniably sexy, shit-eating grin was plastered on his face, stretching from ear to ear. His gigantic, crimson wings flapped contentedly behind him, as though listening to the rhythm of his heart; it was surely pounding, although he would never show such a thing.

bnha hawks x pregnant reader

Scrunching up his nose, he sneezed - a soft, sweet sound that forced a giggle from your lips, and his visor shifted. It ended up balancing rather precariously on the edge of his nose.

Hawk x Y/N//Tiktok Compilation *Warning⚠NSFW ahead🚫⚠*

His brows furrowed in mock concentration, while you gazed on in amusement. He loved that bright smile which would worm its way on to your features, tugging forcefully at your lips, and eventually settling. It was gorgeous, and he thought he could stare at it forever. He was a genuinely good guy, and you got along well, but honestly, you had to confess to growing a bit red-faced around his close friend, Tamaki.

You had only spoken in passing, but he seemed nice, once you overlooked all of his crippling insecurities. Breathing through your nose, you elected to concentrate on the man you were with. Hawks was an esteemed pro hero, having flown into the top ten the same year he opened his office. Currently, you were working with him as an intern, because, as you had been informed, he saw potential in your quirk.

He was five years your senior, but still flirted with you like a teenager. Hawks was constantly imploring you to try them on him. More specifically, he wanted to see how well you could seduce him. In fact, you only used that particular pheromone when absolutely necessary, and mainly stuck to the others. You thought it was better than forcing someone to wish for death, though. You chuckled, remembering the day of the quirk apprehension test, when your classmates had enquired whether you were related to Midnight.

Hawks cocked his head to the side, admiring the way the sunlight struck your face. He wondered what would happen if he reached out - would you be a literal hot mess, melting his hand with a single touch? Humming to himself, he realised that he was the hot mess; his cheeks must have been painted with scarlet splotches. He probably looked ridiculous. He half hoped you would remain focused on the pavement, or whatever was flooding your mind.

You sighed, and although it sounded sad, your expression remained monotonous. Your eyes were trailed on the ground, flitting between cracks and strewn-about leaves that had fallen from the nearby trees.

You were so involved in your daydream, that you only returned to reality when Hawks grabbed your shoulders, pulling you away from a solid wall.Notes: all requests for SFW are closed. For any NSFW requests, the ask box will be opened. You looked extremely pregnant and doing the smallest things got you extremely tired.

You were also a pro hero but had to go on semi-hiatus until you were comfortable with leaving your kid in the care of someone else. The minute Hawks found you that you were pregnant, the two of you agreed on letting you go on hiatus. Hawks was very laid back from the start of you relationship but when things started getting serious, a new protective side showed.

Hawks hesitantly agreed and grabbed his keys. You waved goodbye and went to sit on the couch. You continued to drink your water and watched TV. Being pregnant with only two weeks left, you hardly wanted to do anything.

A few days had passed and everything had been going alright. You had cramping every once and a while so Mirko had offered to take care of you until Hawks came back. Mirko had gone to the nearest cafe to get you coffee. You had gotten up to pee when you felt a something wet running down your leg. You grabbed a towel and wiped it up before sitting down.

Panicking was the last thing you wanted to do so you just waited patiently for Mirko. You better not be fucking with me. Get your shit and lets go! You knew that if you panicked, she would panic even harder so you tried to remain as a calm as possible. Mirko handed you the coffee before revving up the engine and turning into the highway at the speed of light. After hours and hours of waiting, you had finally gotten the time to push.

Your son came out in five big pushes and Mirko nearly fainted when she seen all of the blood. You nodded and Mirko left the room. All that was left you and your son. He had fell asleep after you had fed him and the doctors finally giving you a break. Suddenly, you heard people in the hall screaming and someone running towards the room you were in. You were used to this considering you had a lot of villains targeting you. You had kept you pregnancy private but you knew that villains would stop at nothing to show their evil to the world.

Grabbing the small bundle from the crib next you, Hawks held a nervous smile. A range of emotions going through his head as he seen you kissing the small baby.

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Hawks held his son as you slowly started to respond at your text messages. He felt tears prickling at his eyes as he felt up the babies back. The same exact place where Hawks had his wings was the same place that his son had two small nubs. Better than your mother and I. The baby made a small noise and Hawks took it as a sign of confirmation.Like the next one would be how he is during the pregnancy and so on!!

BnHA Imagines — Hawks x fem!reader PT 2.

Also, my last two brain cells were struggling so hard to edit this ksdskdh so i apologize for any mistakes lmfao. You got this. You can do this. Katuski would be home any minute now and you would have to break the news to him. You inhaled deeply and hid the positive pregnancy test behind your back. Kick anyones ass today? I wish. It was a slow day today, just a simple run in with a low level thug.

Boring if you ask me. Um, considering I have something pretty exciting to share with you. Seconds of silence passed until you reached behind you and gripped the pregnancy test. Fuck it. You looked at him and awaited his reaction.

bnha hawks x pregnant reader

A long pause of silence ensued as he stared open mouthed at the test lying in his hand. He blinked a couple times to confirm it read positive.

You could practically feel his heart pounding in his chest. I love you so much. For once in his life he was almost speechless. Ohhh fuck. Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck.

You paced around the restroom waiting for the pregnancy test to tell you your answer.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. We have new magnet and pin thank-you gifts for those who are able to make a donation! Because im a h03 and my heart goes to different husbandos in my closet. My selfish ass wants more.

Ayt imma go write now. Maybe you should have picked up on the patterns sooner, maybe then you would have been able to taste sunlight again. I just hope hope hope that I could stay committed and pull through all 31 days of kinktober.

This is done out of boredom and I hope you guys enjoy. Each story is a oneshot and I've placed the pairing on the titles so it would be easier for you to choose which one you'd like to read.

bnha hawks x pregnant reader

This is my first year doing Kinktober, and it will me a month of delicious torture for our favorite winged hero, Hawks! You're merely an artist, with a rare quirk. You never really had the confidence to become a pro hero, and with separated parents your life is somewhat different, if not more complex.

Until, a certain winged, pro falls into your mothers garden, in need of help. Not to mention he's literally the size of a roach. Will you help him, or leave him to the spiders? Reader is seventeen soon turning eighteen, and Keigo is That's why I tagged it as underage. Reader is also sort of oc, but not that bad. This is a short story is based on a dream I had.

closed — Telling Him You’re Pregnant

It does include sexual scenes, and humor. It's really freaking bizarre, and I suggest you don't read it if you're expecting perfection. Thanks for reading if you do enjoy it! You love saving people and teaching kids about the hero life and what heroes do. It's October, you know what that means? It's time to get kinky with your favorite characters.

A place to dump my smutty drabbles that are too long for discord. Hawks is up first. He'll probably be recurring, Dabi too because iSimp TM. First person. This is a collection of one shots to the occasional mini series with more than one part.

Most of the stories will focus on Bakugou Katsuki, but sometimes I might mix in another character I feel like writing about. Most chapters will contain descriptive smut. If it's a mini series they will be marked in p 's like p2 p3 p4 - Meaning part 2, part 3, part 4.

dead blog — Can I get an au on Hawks’ pregnant s/o getting...

Could you please write a fluffy one where the reader always takes naps saying they are gonna be short but in the end they sleep for 5 hours straight. Thanks alot!Pam, Canada The Natural Wonders of Iceland, April 2016 Accommodation was better than expected and all the provided meals were top quality and representative of the country's cuisine. Too much to see and not enough time in each destination. From the booking agents help to the overall transparency and guidance in the welcome package, we felt very comfortable and safe in a new country.

Marcia, United States Iceland Full Circle - Winter, March 2016 Traditionally we book hotels ourselves when we travel. It was so convenient working with Nordic Visitor - having the route planned and the hotels booked. Great to have the Points of Interest marked as well. We found that 10 days was a nice vacation and overview of Iceland - but not enough time to really "get to know" the country and its people.

That's why we would like to go back. The hospitality at all locations was amazing. We had no problem with finding vegan food either. Everyone was so very accommodating. Thank you for assisting us in making our trip to Iceland a marvelous time. Stephen, United Kingdom Iceland Winter World, March 2016 Our whole experience of the holiday was one of relaxed efficiency, at each stage the pick up was there on time, the pack of information provided on our arrival by the delivery driver was thorough and comprehensive.

When our northern lights tour was cancelled we were given information via the hotel, a follow up phone call to the NV office was efficiently dealt with. At all stages through the booking process our NV advisor, Audur, was very helpful.

It all made our wedding anniversary trip a very enjoyable relaxed holiday. Liz, United Kingdom South Iceland at Leisure - Winter, February 2016 We had a great time in Iceland and a lot of that was down to the email discussions, planning and preparation done by Sigfus on our behalf before the trip.

Everything ran smoothly and the whole trip was a joy. It was a pleasure to be able to meet him and thank him in person when we dropped our mobile phone off at the Nordic Visitor office at the end of our trip. He was friendly, nice, and funny. My husband and I had a blast riding with him in the van.

My travel consultant, Bjarni is perfect, he answered all my questions in a timely manner and he was able to customized my itinerary to accommodate my stay for an extra night at the hotel.

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Erica and Christopher, United States Iceland Winter World, January 2016 Prior to the start of the trip, the communication with our booking agent was fantastic- Hilmar is great. He was able to accommodate our early departure time and rearranged our booking so we could fully enjoy the Blue Lagoon. He also gave us helpful information about trying to book a whale watching tour.

The taxi driver from the airport (Iceland Taxi) was also fantastic, very approachable and very informative. We felt like we were travelling in style.

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Also a great souvenir. Had an amazing adventure. Can't wait to go back to Iceland and do the whole circle drive. Our family loved it. The authentic dog sleigh ride was tops. Gary, Norway Moonlight Safari, November 2015 When I had questions they were answered quickly. The website and information I was sent gave me a good idea of what my holiday was going to be like.

It was a wonderful holiday. Kathleen, United States The Natural Wonders of Iceland, November 2015 The binder with each day's itinerary and pictures of each site was very helpful. Anthony, United States Northern Lights City Break, November 2015 This was my first visit to the Nordic region and I am so happy to have used your company's services for my visit to Iceland.

Accommodations and tour companies were all professional and as promised, and Nordic Visitor communicated and provided needed info to me in regards to my tour in a timely fashion.In fact, the clip may not even appear in the Browser window. However, the media has not been deleted from the Event or your hard drive. You can always re-display them. To toggle the display of rejected clips on or off in the Browser window, change the top menu from Hide Rejected to Show All Clips. Your Rejected clips are either hidden or displayed, depending upon which of these two options you choose.

If you wish to de-select the range as a favorite, have the range selected again and click the hollow star in the Toolbar (Shortcut: U).

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